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Aspire - AVP Pod System

Gone is the typical box design with this attractive Aspire AVP Kit. Measuring in at just 14mm wide (while still managing a capacity of 2ml), this device has a slim angular design which both fits neatly into the hand and looks great. It also comes with a lanyard which reduces the chances of losing the device and keeps it accessible at all times.

BATTERY LIFE The Aspire AVP comes with a battery capacity of 700mAh. When combined with the higher coil resistance of 1.2 ohms, this should provide most users with a full day of usage before needing a recharge.

MAGNETIC POD The pod (the part of the device which contains the e-liquid) comes with a magnetic attachment, which means it quickly and easily snaps into place, saving you time when refilling. To refill, invert the pod and insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle into the filling port. The filling port comes with a spring loaded leak resistant valve designed to minimise the chance of leakage - this springs back into place after filling.

COIL The pod comes with a 1.2ohm Nichrome coil. This is fixed into the pod and is not removable, meaning that when the coil is at the end of its life you will need to replace the whole pod.

POWER SETTINGS Most pod systems don’t have power settings, so it’s nice to see that Aspire do offer three separate wattage settings with the AVP, all available with two clicks of a button. The wattage options are 8 watts, 10 watts and 12 watts. Increase the power to maximum for a stronger throat hit and more vapour or decrease the power to 8 watts for a softer vape.

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