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Award winning E-liquid from IVG (formerly I Love VG)

Available Flavours:

Bubblegum Millions – 50ml 0MG That amazing bubblegum taste which will bring your childhood memories back but now it’s not just for kids! You can try it too!

Spearmint Millions – 50ml 0MG Who knew a candy and minty combo could taste so good? Try it for yourself with Spearmint Millions Short Fill eLiquid by IVG Sweets.

Lemon Millions – 50ml 0mg Woah! Hold up a second! Have IVG just gone and released another stunner? Yes they have with Lemon Millions Short Fill eLiquid by IVG Sweets!

Orange Millions – 50ml 0mg If Orange Millions Short Fill eLiquid by IVG Sweets existed in the real thing, we have a feeling your dentist wouldn’t be a happy bunny!

Rasberry Stix – 50ml 0mg Treat yourself to those sugary fruity sticks of pure goodness with Raspberry Stix 50ml short fill eLiquid by IVG Sweets. Be warned, they are addictive!

Strawberry Millions 50ml 0mg Oozing with succulent strawberry bubblegum, these candies are the perfect way to indulge a sweet tooth.

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