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Ruthless Grape Drank on Ice 0mg 120ml

Grape Drank on Ice E-Juice comprises of all the grape berry flavors Grape Drank enjoy but with a twist. Treat yourself to the ultimate vaping experience with this premium E-Liquid made by Ruthless Vapor. Every hit is sure to satisfy and delight new and old vape-enthusiasts. See why everyone is talking about the quality and consistency found only in the wonderful juice lines of Ruthless Vapor. All Ruthless Vapor E-Juices are made in the US, quality checked and is guaranteed to exceed your vaping expectations. Available now in 120ML bottle sizes as well as the option to choose from 0MG

Grape Drank On Ice E-JUICE

Incredibly Flavorful Cloud Pleasing E-juice Fresh Grape Refreshing Menthol

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